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About Çilek

Çilek was founded in 1995 in Turkey in an effort to specialize and make a difference in all aspects. 

We know that every child dreams to have a unique room. A room reflecting their own interests and personality is a common aspiration for all children. In an effort to meet their expectations, Cilek today designs products exclusively for children and teens targeting to cater their age groups and divergent interests.

The clear identification of our field of expertise enables us to excel in furniture.
Cilek is committed to design and produce functional, high quality, distinctive, specific and durable furniture and accessories for babies, children and teens alike with the most advanced child safety standards by using high technology and first-class materials complying with the most stringent worldwide standards.

Introduction of Factory


Why Çilek?

  • Over 30 years of experience,
  • Expert in the categories of baby, kids and teens rooms,
  • Adopted the principles of advanced child safety,
  • Created the perception of powerful, dynamic and entertaining brand,
  • Inspiring designs,
  • Employs high-tech and lean manufacturing,
  • Spread all over the world,
  • Has a team of experts experienced in the field,
  • Sensitive to both the society and the environment, and
  • Adds value to its business partners and enables them to earn.
  • A sense of quality and safety certified by international certificates.

Çilek in the World

Today, Çilek follows the path of becoming a global brand through a network of 444 outlets scattered over 66 countries in 5 continents.

Every month, trucks full of Çilek products bring children and rooms together to realize their dreams by driving a very long distance - enough to travel around the world – from Japan to Colombia, South Africa to Russia, United States to India. Being the roommate of more than 3 million children worldwide, Çilek has built recognition and reputation in many different countries, just like in Turkey, and takes firm steps to become the market leader.





Princess Collection

Champion Racer Collection