Vision 5 LED Lamp


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【Product Specifications】

Product Name: Vision 5 LED desk lamp

Rated voltage Rated powerAC240V 50Hz
Electrics / Rated input current: 7.3W /0.55A
Luminous Flux / Lumen / Light irradiation angle


    【Product Feature】

    1. LED light source is gelatinous, not easy broken, no mercury, lead pollution of the environment.
    2. LED optical film technology to reduce ghosting and flare to prevent astigmatism and have clear vision.
    3. Japan's Nichia LED illumination up to 1500 lux, it's to suit work and read.
    4. High color rendering to restore the natural daylight.
    5. Low temperature light, safe and harmless
    6. Stable DC power source is not blinking and eye will not fatigue so very comfortable.

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