【Ergonomic Schoolbags】


About Scout 

It all began with a brilliant idea: a piece of luggage for the school, light, comfortable, colorful and safe. The Scout success story began 40 years ago with a revolutionary schoolbag-based on revolutionary security features. As the world's largest producer of school bags and market leaders in the German-speaking world, more than 10 million children have gone to school with a scout. And the Scout brand has become synonymous with school bags. 

Excellent: Scout!
German standards give Scout the seal of the "brands of the century"! The brand is one of the "stars" (as the title of the "Marken des Jahrhunderts" edition 2016) as an illuminating signpost for the sake of the fact that Scout developed the first safety standard for school bags with DIN 58124 in 1986. The important point of this schoolbag standard is the good visibility of the schoolchildren in road traffic through precisely defined warning surfaces.
In addition to safe and comfortable school bags, Scout offers much more for school and leisure. 

This is how ergonomics goes!

From small to bigger.

We have the Scout to cover the entire basic school time. 
A special harness system is designed: it is to the respective body size of the child adjustable and gro
The harness system adapts to the growing child back.

And how that fits.
Every child's back is different. And all need a comfortable one Satchel. That is why we are together with the world market leader For Bodyscanning, Human Solutions in Kaiserslautern, determined how Ideal for school backpacks: slightly contoured and well-Ventilated, made of comfortable 3D mesh fabricTypical scout back.

Stay where he belongs.
No matter how long the school route is or how fast it should go - the Ropes must sit comfortably. That is why we have the ideal of Scout Straps developed: shoulder straps with breathable 3D mesh padded, In ergonomic S-shape and with an ideal width of 5 cm. Chest straps, Which ensure that the wearer even in children with narrow Shoulders do not slip. And position control belts for optimum fit in the Shoulder area.


                     Safity First




In 1986, Scout created the first German Safety Standard for schoolbags: DIN 58124. The "Schulranzen-Norm" DIN 58124 says: Schoolbags should be both with fluorescent warning surfaces as well as with retroreflective Areas. The area proportion is also defined: 10% of the visible surface must retroreflect, 20% fluoresce.

Warning colors with neon effect! Fluorescent surfaces make the child in the daytime and at dusk. Retroreflective surfaces for the light effect in the dark - from the Leading supplier Orafol. The reflex material throws in the dark immediately. So a strong lighting effect. These areas glimmer in daylight matt silver.

For the children who actively participate in road transport on their
We recommend a scout with retroreflective and fluores-surfaces.

How to choose?