Comfpro M112 Ergonomic Standing Desk


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E0 table board, Gas cylinder, Medium carbon steel, Powder coating

Table Colour



W-44" * D-31.5"

Adjustable Height

58~86 cm(+/-2 cm)


0-37 degrees

Made in Taiwan


Spacious Desktop

A large and spacious desktop that can comfortably hold all your notes and books, improving your work and learning efficiency.

Adjustable Tilt

A desktop with an adjustable angle can help you with comfort, posture, and take care of your eyesight. Correct reading angles and distances can help reduce visual strain and pressure.



Adjustabe Height

Raise your desktop in as quick as 1 seconds! Adjust the height of the desktop for your comfort whether working while sitting or standing. According to medical studies, it is recommended to stand up and stretch after sitting for 40 minutes. This helps improve blood flow, reduce fatigue, and enhances your mood to continue working.



The Geprufte Sicherheit or GS mark is the German product safety standard.  A product has to pass the approved product safety testing and laboratory certification to be certified with GS mark.  It indicates the tested product meets the newest European or German standard.  GS mark has become the symbol of quality.


 Child Using Office Desk and Chair

 Hot images before start  Hot images after 44 mins reading & writing

 Child Using Ergonomic Growing Desk and Chair

 Hot image before start Hot image after 44 mins reading & writing


Authority: GEI

Private Pollutant Management Certification System

Authority: German Ministry of Labor

The products pass through the independent organization which has credibility


Authority: SGS

Reduce the released quantity of the formaldehyde made by woodwork

Authority: ISO

Confirm the company can satisfy the customers

Authority: Forest Stewardship Council

Manage to the environment, society.


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