Comfpro Y699 Enlightening kid's Ergonomic Adjustable Chair


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【Product Specification】

Model  Y699

Material  Medium carbon steel、High

density PU styrofoam、Eco-nylon

Fabric   Blue / Pink

Seat Size 42*40 cm

Backrest Size 35*37cm

Seat Height 26~48 cm (+/- 2cm)

Seat Depth 25~39cm(+/-2cm)

Made in Taiwan

【Product Feature】

The Geprufte Sicherheit or GS mark is the German product safety standard.  A product has to pass the approved product safety testing and laboratory certification to be certified with GS mark.  It indicates the tested product meets the newest European or German standard.  GS mark has become the symbol of quality.

 Child Using Office Desk and Chair

 Hot images before start  Hot images after 44 mins reading & writing

 Child Using Ergonomic Growing Desk and Chair

 Hot image before start Hot image after 44 mins reading & writing

Authority: GEI

Private Pollutant Management Certification System

Authority: German Ministry of Labor

The products pass through the independent organization which has credibility

Authority: SGS

Reduce the released quantity of the formaldehyde made by woodwork

Authority: ISO

Confirm the company can satisfy the customers

Authority: Forest Stewardship Council

Manage to the environment, society.

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